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Sunday, August 20, 2017

Advertising—in your face - gone is your privacy—a capitalist crime

One thing I really hate about the capitalist system is advertising. It is everywhere. I turn on my TV and for the pleasure of watching a 30 minute or one-hour show I am interrupted with lots of messages telling me I need to buy some product or service or my life will just be incomplete. It may be insurance to keep me from dying and leaving a lot of bills to my children. It may be a message about a new kind of car that will make my hum-drum life complete if I just go and put no money down for a car that cast almost half of what I paid for my house to live in. It may be about an expensive drug that will cure a disease I probably have and may not know it.
Advertising today is in your face. You can't hardly get away from it. It's obnoxious.  And the key to successful ads is to create a perceived need where none really exists. They try to manipulate us. The bottom line to all those messages is that my life will be missing something unless I give some of my money to some one else.
There is also advertising in the newspaper and the magazines I get. When I go on line, many of the sites I go to have advertising. I even see big ads on buildings along the street where I live. But the worst advertising of all are the uninvited ads that sneak into my computer without my permission.
There are many mornings when my day starts as I click on my computer and see how many messages I have on Facebook, or how many, if any, comments I have received from one of my blogs. I enjoy the silence of sitting in front of my computer when SUDDENLY!I hear this horrible noise from some blathering ass-hole trying to sell me something I don't want. And even if I wanted it, I don't want to hear the spiel of some jerk blathering on and on about what ever it is I supposedly can't wait to buy.
I hate those same ads when I go to someone else's site, but at least those ads are placed by people who want them on their own site. No one has a right to force me to put ads on MY sites or worse, my private home screen. In a post revolutionary society, such advertising should end up being highly controlled and in some cases eliminated.
Some unscrupulous company is putting malware into my computer and forcing pop up ads on me when ever I go on line. A company called Map Scout ( has put such mal-wear into my computer and every time I go on line, this noisy ad pops up in the corner of my computer. It does have a sound symbol where I can silence the damn thing. Then it has a count down, 10 seconds, so I can click it off.
I usually click the sound off then wait for the count down and click on the "X". It is time consuming. It is also annoying. Worst of all it is an intrusion on my privacy. It is as if someone has broken into my home, and forced me to watch an ad spiel that I don't want to see or hear. As far as I'm concerned Map Scout is a criminal company. It's extortion. They have stolen space in my computer to force me to watch and hear something I don't want. Unlike the ads on TV or magazines, where the ads are contained in the product, Map Scout, and other such criminal ad companies, such as Pluto TV ( and Spotlight (, have not provided me with any product to go with their ads. They had no permission to place that ad there. They have simply invaded my privacy and taken up space on my computer without my permission. They are thieves.
I will lodge a complaint about these companies. I will get advice from my brother John on how to remove the soft wear these creeps have imbedded in my computer. Complaints will probably do no good. These companies will just ignore them. They are an integrated part of the capitalist system that we all need to tear down and get rid of. Until then such companies will try very hard to find new ways to invade my private computer and my private space.
It's an on going war. At present there is not much I can do about advertising. But this last kind of advertising needs to be fought. We need our privacy and some corporate slime bags have gone to far in taking that away from us.

Attorney Ad - SNL

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Charlottesville, US: White supremacist offensive meets furious opposition

From A World to Win News Service:
The following edited material is from the 14 August 2017 issue of Revolution, voice of the Revolutionary Communist Party, USA (

Hundreds of white supremacist, Ku Klux Klan, neo-Nazi fascist scum descended on Charlottesville, Virginia on 11-12 August, to hold a "Unite the Right" rally. They came to defend the statue of Robert E. Lee, who commanded the Confederate army that fought to keep slavery alive during the US Civil War, from being removed from a public park. They came to glorify the decades of open subjugation of Black people in this country under slavery and then vicious “Jim Crow” segregation – and to promote the continuation and intensification of this oppression today. And they came to brazenly celebrate the history of Hitler-ite fascism – and step up their fight to help consolidate the American fascist regime in the White House today.

These extreme reactionary forces have been encouraged and emboldened by the Trump/Pence regime, and they've been increasingly active across the country. What we saw in Charlottesville was a major leap in this – some media commentators compared it to Kristallnacht, the night of violence and terror aimed at Jews by Hitler's Stormtroopers in the 1930s. The hundreds of white supremacists came heavily armed. They did a KKK-style torch march through the University of Virginia campus the night before, chanting things like "blood and soil," a Nazi slogan. 

David Duke, a former imperial wizard of the KKK, was at the fascist torchlight march through the University of Virginia (UV) campus on Friday night and was quoted as saying, "We're going to fulfill the promises of Donald Trump" to "take our country back." Many of the white supremacists carried Trump campaign signs along with their Nazi signs. There was a real feeling among counter-protesters that white supremacists are being emboldened by Trump and that they cannot go unopposed, that they cannot be allowed to threaten people and spew their poison.

The white supremacist mob did not go unchallenged. They were confronted by hundreds of counter-protesters from Charlottesville and from nearby and from other areas of the country. There were white middle class people disgusted by the racist fascists. There were Black Lives Matter activists. There were clergy and faith leaders, from near and far, including national leaders Dr Cornel West and Dr Traci Blackmon, and hundreds of church people. At the KKK-style march the night before the main event at the UV campus, a group of students courageously held up a banner saying "VA Students Act Against White Supremacy" in the face of threats and violence by the fascists.

People from Refuse Fascism were in the thick of things, calling on people to carry on the fight against the white supremacists as part of the fight to drive out the whole Trump/Pence fascist regime. Revolution Club members were there, and they brought a banner with a statement of solidarity signed by people from the South Side of Chicago. Carl Dix of the Revolutionary Communist Party issued a statement right from the scene in Charlottesville.

One man who had gone to graduate school at UV said, "The statue that people are rallying around needs to come down – it's a sign of ongoing structural white supremacy. It's clear there is a huge mobilization of fascists in this country who are organizing around that statue and what it represents as a central structural principle and it needs to be opposed in every way possible.... That statue was put there as a monument to domination and violence and that's the function it's always served, that's the function it's still serving. Anybody who says it's about heritage is fundamentally lying about that basic truth of why it's there. Because that heritage is white supremacy, that heritage is evil and it needs to be fought."

The protesters were determined to send a message to the world, in word and deed, that people will not tolerate for one second this white supremacist poison. Throughout the day, wherever the white supremacists went in Charlottesville, they were fiercely opposed by different groups of protesters. These protesters on the frontlines represented the sentiments of millions across the country. And many, many more have to actually follow the example of the protesters in Charlottesville and step up and step out in the fight against fascism.

As Carl Dix said in his statement, "What is going on in Charlottesville is a direct outgrowth of the Trump/Pence fascist regime. And it is the outlines of a new civil war in this country. These fascists are serious. And we must wake up and confront them with resistance that is just as serious."

The "Unite the Right" rally was scheduled to begin at noon in the park with the Confederate statue. Hours before the rally, hundreds of fascists marched through the streets dressed in military gear, carrying all kinds of semi-automatic weapons and signs upholding white supremacy, Hitler and the KKK. Counter-protesters on the scene near the park confronted the white supremacists and defended themselves against the violence of the fascists. There were clashes for at least an hour near the park, and there were other confrontations elsewhere. Hundreds of police, including Virginia state troopers in riot gear, and the state National Guard had been mobilized and were in the area, some close enough to clearly see the clashes. They watched as the fascists who were already in the park rushed out to join in the attacks on the counter-protesters. One of these fascists then drove his car at speed right into a crowd of protesters, killing one woman, Heather Heyer, and injuring 19 others, with five people still in critical condition.

By noon, the city declared the white supremacist rally an unlawful assembly and the police then cleared the park. Soon after this the governor of Virginia declared a state of emergency. As the fascists left the park and marched down the street, clashes continued. People chanted: "Nazi Scum Off Our Streets," "No Trump, No KKK, No Fascist USA," and "Black Lives Matter."

After all this, the fascist-in-chief, Trump, refused to condemn the white supremacists and instead talked of violence "on many sides" – an all-but-open endorsement of the racist neo-Nazis. 

This, coupled with the nuclear roulette now being played by Trump with his threats against North Korea, makes it even more starkly clear where things are headed. This IS a nightmare. What must happen now is that many, many more people need to face the depth of the situation and respond immediately by marching in the streets across the country.

Defiance in Wichita, Ks.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

US- Wichitans come out for a rally for the victims of Charlottesville

People from across Wichita met this Sunday for a Stand Up! in Solidarity with Charlottesville rally at old Sedgwick County Courthouse grounds. About 300 people attended the rally. Other rallies were held across the country.
This week the nations eyes were on CharlottesvilleVirginia, where all kinds of right-wing fringe groups came together to support right-wing causes. "Unite the Right" rally brought out all kinds of  white nationalist and supremacists. Heather Heyer  was killed when James Alex Fields Jr. of Maumee,Ohio, ran his car into a crowd of protesters. He has been booked on suspicion of second-degree murder, malicious wounding and failure to stop for an accident involving a death.
"We stand strong with our brothers and sisters in Charlottesville," said Larry Burks, President of the Wichita Chapter of NAACP, one of the many speakers who addressed the rally. "We will not be afraid."   (Below is Larry Burks addressing the crowd)

He added that President Donald Trump needs to be a leader and act like a leader. Trump has been criticized this week for not condemning the far right groups that caused much of the violence.
"I want to offer my condolences to the three people who died in Charlottesville," (two policemen died in a helicopter crash) said James Thompson, a Democratic Party activist and a candidate for US Congress. "I reject the policies of the Alt Right, the Nazis and the skinheads. For all our leaders from the president to the dog catcher — If they don't stand up for these principles boot them out as soon as we can."
He added that he liked a sign that said: "Don't morn, organize."
About 300 people attended this event.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

No one in the US government will stand up to Trump's idiotic statements on Democratic People's Republic of (North) Korea

By សតិវ អតុ
It's hard to ignore all the noise this week from our "Really has no business being" President Donald Trump. And while his statement on Democratic People's Republic of (North) Korea: “fire and fury like the world has never seen” if it continued threatening the United States,' sounds bad enough, it isn't that far from what the entire US government actually thinks and wants.
The entire US government has gone along with the idea that North Korea is a "threat," totally ignoring the threat that the US so obviously makes towards North Korea. It is not surprising that Venezuela is also in the cross hairs of Trump and his imperialist oriented Republican Party.
From The New York Times: "President Trump continued to beat war drums on Friday against North Korea and, unexpectedly, said he would consider a military option to deal with an unrelated crisis in Venezuela."

And of course, there is little if any resistance to these belligerent statements from the Democratic Party. Imperialism today is bipartisan.
While North Korea and Venezuela have vastly different governments, both are somewhat to the left and both stand in the way of US imperialism and its agenda. And Trump is not just the sound of an empty can. We can't rule out that he may attack or invade both countries. If he does, it is not likely that anyone in our government, few if any legislators, will actually stand up to him and try and stop him. Trump is a stooge, but he is a dangerous stooge. It's not hard to imagine that Trump will fight for the empire.
During the reign of George W. Bush, another idiot who had no business running a country, North Korea, Iraq and Iran were labelled as an Axis of evil. One of those countries, Iraq, was invaded and it is now a colony of the US empire, complete with a puppet democracy. North Korea had the ability to build atomic weapons and it made perfect sense for them to do so. It may be the only reason the US hasn't invaded that country. US imperialism seems to want to hand over all that land and its people over to the control of South Korea, which today is another example of a puppet democracy, completely built and completely dependent on the US for its survival. South Korea has many US troops and would likely be unable to defend itself it their northern neighbour ever attacked them. 
Today North Korea is not a Marxist Leninist state. The country, starting in 1982, has denounced Marx and Lenin as being obsolete. Today it considers itself to be socialist economy under the ideology of Juche, as defined by its former leaders Kim Il Sung (김일성) and Kim Jong Il (김정일). Kim Il Sung considered Juche to be an application of Marxist Leninism. His son Kim Jong Il officially authored the definitive statement on Juche in a 1982 document titled On the Juche Idea. After the 1991 collapse of the Soviet Union, North Korea’s greatest economic benefactor, all reference to Marxism–Leninism was dropped in the revised 1998 constitution.
In August 2009, former U.S. President Bill Clinton met with Kim Jong Il. He was the first and last president in modern history to make any attempt to open a dialog with North Korea. President W. Bush reversed all dialog with the regime. Since that time our leaders claim it was North Korea that shut down diplomacy but that is a lie.
Despite the fact that North Korea is not a Marxist-Leninist state of any kind, it is still an obstacle to US imperialism. The US wants to get rid of the Northern nation and annex it as was done in East Germany. As many of us know, the people of East Germany were ripped off. Their state run companies were given to West German industrialists and many former politicians were punish for the work they did to support the regime. For years East Germans worked for less wages and benefits than their Western counterparts.[1]
So we need to support the sovereignty of Democratic People's Republic of (North) Korea. It's hard to say if that country will ever return to Marxist principles, but we still need to support them.

Chinese Communist song: As war approaches

[1] Most of this is documented in my essay; In defence of “Tankies”- Part 2.

Friday, August 11, 2017

Italy- CARC and (n)ICP celebrates the October Revolution

On 12 August the CARC Party, within its National Festival, will hold an initiative to celebrate the Centenary of October Revolution, were there will come comrades representatives of parties struggling for socialism from Venezuela, Turkey, Philippines. The issue is “Teachings by October Revolution for advancing on the road taken and lead the communist movement on the world level and in each country to new victories”. Task of the initiative is to show to Italian popular masses the rebirth of the international communist movement and the cooperation among Italian communist movement and the parties and organizations at the vanguard in the struggle for socialism and against imperialism.

August 9, 2017
Greetings from the (n)ICP to the P.CARC Festival of People’s Revival on the occasion of the celebration on August 12 of the Centenary of the October Revolution

Dear comrades,
first of all I would like to thank the comrades of P.CARC who gave the (new) Italian Communist Party of Italy the opportunity to bring you its greetings. The Centenary of the Victory of the October Revolution is the occasion to evaluate the situation about the rebirth of the communist movement in our country and in the world. The international community of European, American and Zionist imperialist groups has succeeded in imposing to the world a catastrophic course of things. All humanity is dragged and affected in it in every field, the economic, the political, ecological, intellectual and moral ones. That international community has been able to do it thanks to the exhaustion of the revolutionary wave raised all over the world by the victory of the insurrection of 7 November 1917 in Petersburg and by the consequent construction of socialism in the Soviet Union, promoted by the communist movement first led by Lenin and then by Stalin. Even the Great Cultural Revolution promoted by Mao Tse-tung in the People's Republic of China has not been able to stop the exhaustion that is the expression of the decadence of the communist movement.
So, the rebirth of the communist movement is the task of the moment. It was the conscious and organized communist movement embodied by Lenin and Stalin’s party which promoted the revolutionary wave in the world: It is therefore its decadence that has allowed Kruscev, Teng Hsiao-ping and their members and successors to break up in the second part of the century the first socialist countries, communist parties and the revolutionary movement. Their work allowed the bourgeoisie to take over the direction of humanity, and humanity today suffers the effects from one end to the other of earth, and in every field.
Some who call themselves communist today claim that the capitalism studied, explained and described by Marx in his work, The Capital, is no longer the basis of the current bloody and painful course of things. They argue that a new way of production was born with globalization, with the entry of new powers in international politics, with the great development of the productive forces created by the systematic application of the entire wealth of knowledge acquired by human species to the production of goods and services and with the unlimited multiplication of those goods and services producted. "The world is completely changed": this is their litany. This thesis is wrong and damaging. It repeats the thesis already proposed by bourgeois sociologists at the beginning of the last century when imperialism was arising. It was resumed in the communist movement by Bukharin and others, refuted by Lenin and denied by the experience of the whole century.
This thesis is born from the bourgeoisie. The bourgeoisie spurns any science of history because it shows the end of its dominion, and its responsibility of the past that the bourgeoisie does not want to bear. This thesis is the premise to set aside the political aspects of communist conception: class struggle, special role of the working class, communist party tasks, establishment of socialism. No one has ever managed to give any consistent evidence of such a thesis. The repeaters of this thesis are only able to make empirical narrations. They are only able to put unilaterally the focus of attention, isolating it and thus giving it a deformed representation, to one or another of the many new things that there certainly are and that we Communists must carefully consider.
To say that the current configuration of production relationships, political relations, and the whole system of human relations is a superstructure of old capitalism is not equivalent to say "so there is nothing new", nothing important, nothing which we must carefully consider. The superstructure is not a hat or a mask that one puts and takes off at his will. It is the top floor of a building that grows on the same foundation. Those who want to demolish the building must take it into account!
We are facing capitalism and the superstructure that it had and have to generate due to the effects of the first wave of the proletarian revolution and its exhaustion, and due to the new general crisis of absolute overproduction of capital.(1) Humanity still needs to establish socialism in its three basic aspects: political, economic and social ones. We must guide the classes and the oppressed peoples to establish it. It is therefore necessary to build the Communist Party able to carry out its task of leading the working class and the popular masses. October Revolution, building socialism in the Soviet Union, the experience of the aborted socialist revolution in our and in other imperialist countries are the fields of experience to which we must draw. The main aspect of the exhaustion of the first wave of the proletarian revolution is precisely the failure to establish socialism in the imperialist countries, where all the progress that humanity can make in the context of capitalist social relations is basically accomplished.

(1) About this matters see

At the time of October Revolution Lenin and the Communist International already since its first Congresses clearly said that the communist parties born in Europe and the USA on the wave of the victory of the October Revolution were still guided by a conception of the world that made them unable to establish socialism. In his Letter to the German Communists, of August 14, 1921, Lenin explains it clearly, but he had already explained it in more detail in the October 1916 script About a caricature of Marxism. These are teachings that Stalin has repeated again and again and so did Zdanov in 1947 when the Italian and French communist parties abandoned the task of advancing the socialist revolution in their respective countries. Gramsci has been the only leader of the communist parties of the imperialist countries, who endorsed the task of transforming the Party, the task that the Communist International had entrusted to him. It is the task which he explicitly states in the February 1926 document Five Years of Party Life and that he continued to carry out with the Prison Notebooks.
The Communist Party only advances with the struggle of the line inspired by the communist conception of the world against the line that reproduces in the party the intellectual and moral influence that bourgeoisie exerts on popular masses.

Comrades, even today our main and immediate task is to elevate the knowledge and assimilation of the communist conception of the world and the ability to translate it into the particular situations in which they operate and to apply it concretely, in all the comrades who want to end the catastrophic course of things. It is indispensable not only for making them capable of taking the direction of the working class and the popular masses, but also for making them persist in their own way. Today, there are coming up to us people attracted by the memory of heroism and of the achievements of the old communist movement, generous  people dedicated to the claiming struggles, people fascinated by the potential of organized masses, people curious to understand where the world is going, people afflicted by mal de vivre and that want to feel better. We need to welcome them all but to each one we must teach the science and art to transform the world and make the socialist revolution advance. Only so they can become communist. The course of things is so catastrophic today in every field and the situations created by the imperialist bourgeoisie is so serious that anyone who abandon himself to the impressions that his direct experience and narrations, sounds and images spread by mass media and Internet aroused momentarily in him, becomes cynical or desperate. What distinguishes us Communists is that we have an analysis of the course of things, we know its reason, and we realize a line to work it out. Just because we have deeply thought about these issues (analysis, cause and line) and we have clearly defined them, everyone of us acts serenely and at his best the task assigned to him in the party's action plan.
There are many breeding grounds where comrades are already struggling for the rebirth of the communist movement all over the world. We wish all of you to contribute by embracing the  heritage of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism.
The future is Communism! The more we fight with science and art, the faster we will advance to victory!

Comrade Ulisse, general secretary of the Central Committee of  the (new) ICP.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

US- Urban sprawl for West Wichita continues—clutter, clutter and more clutter

It seems like every Summer I write about urban sprawl and the lack of open spaces in my part of Sedgwick County. So why should this year be any different?
When I moved to Maize, KS almost 20 years ago, it was a lot like living in the country. There used to be an open field across the street from me. Maize Road went from my house, to a stop light south of me. From there Maize was a 55 mile per hour stretch of black top road that went through empty lots—wide open spaces with wheat, weeds or something else along the way to 21st Street. It was like most stretches of road in the country—wide open spaces and a few tree lines along the farmed areas.
Today there is a 40 mile per hour four lane road blacktop road lined with either strip malls, large superstores such as Menards, Sam's Club or Lowe's Home Improvement, or buildings still being built. It looks like there is a contest to see who can cram the most buildings on every single site along the road from 53 Street in Maize towards 21st Street.  
There are about four stoplights now. And I dread driving down to the corner of 21st and Maize where New Market Square, is a mega market that has lots of useless crap I will never want or use and where such mega-rip offs as Wal-Mart are located.
My front yard is about 1/4th gone. The once lazy road in front is now a busy street. The noise and light pollution are never ending.

Once empty spaces of wheat or prairie grass. Now just urban clutter.

There is a new plan for a park along the road were Cadillac lake[1] used to be. It sounds like a good idea.  

Seeking to balance nature and commercial development in an ecologically sensitive area, the Wichita City Council reviewed plans this week for a $7.2 million wetland park to be built at Cadillac Lake in northwest Wichita.
The primary features of the park will be flood-proof galvanized steel boardwalks and wildlife observation stations modeled on the leaves of native lotus plants, said Hans Klein-Hewett, landscape architect with RDg Planning and Design, the company hired by the city to design the park.
The park is planned for a wetlands area near Maize Road and 29th Street North.

This all sounds great. At fist the city originally decided to move Cadillac Lake somewhere else, years ago, so the rush to develop all this land was not compromised by actual wildlife. The new plans look OK, but lets look at how the city did with Wichita's WaterWalk. It was suppose to give us something like they have in San Antonio, Texas, with all those neat canals and boats. After 15 years and $41 million in taxpayer subsidies to the WaterWalk, the city of Wichita has gotten no money from a profit-sharing agreement attached to the development deal. The canals aren't built. The developers just took a lot of city development money and they ran. So what if they do that out here? What if our water park is just one more city development rip off. Tax payers like me will get another area of blight to stare at.
This place already looks like clutter. There is nothing but strip malls  with large mega stores behind them. It looks like shit. A once beautiful country drive is now a cluttered clusterfuck of businesses and buildings of which most of them I will never make use of.

More clutter and traffic lights.

I live in a county where most of the people vote for knuckle headed backward people who haven't studied anything new on city development since the 1950s. They are stupid dolts who couldn't plan a modern city if their life depended on it.
So the rest of us pay. We have ugly over-development. The natural beauty of this land is being ruined by these stupid dolts.
I guess for now all I can do is just put up with it and hope they might actually do what they have promised to do with the Cadillac Lake Park. They might get it right for once in their lives. But I'm not holding my breath.

[1] Cadillac Lake used to be a kind of swamp that was used by migratory birds. Ecologist over the years have tried to preserve this lake as it has been an important stop over point for migratory birds. There have always been the dolts who wanted to drain it and develop it for many decades. 

An endless stream of clutter.

The actual Cadillac Lake before it is gone- Last picture by KMUW.

Monday, August 07, 2017

Why and how must we defend Maduro and his Bolivarian revolution in Venezuela?

By សតិវ អតុ
There is so much hypocrisy on the US stand against Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro and his Constituent Assembly vote that it is hard to decide where to start. Supposedly Maduro is voting on a system that will grant him more power and damage the so called "democracy" that Venezuela has had for many decades.
President Trump has slapped sanctions on Maduro and his country. US and Western politicians, along with almost every mainstream Western journalist, have run a steady stream of anti-Maduro propaganda, as if Maduro was another Hitler.

And yet we see how phony this campaign is when we look at recent events in Turkey, where President Recep Erdoğan has just held an election to give him all the powers a leader needs to be an actual dictator. According to The New Yorker:

"On Sunday, Erdoğan declared himself the winner of a nationwide referendum that all but brings Turkish democracy to an end. The vast new powers granted to Erdoğan—wide control over the judiciary, broad powers to make law by decree, the abolition of the office of the Prime Minister and of Turkey’s parliamentary system—effectively make him a dictator. Under the new rules, Erdoğan will be able to run for two more five-year terms, giving him potentially another decade in power, at least. With a vote by the now truncated parliament, he would be able to run for yet another term, one that would end in 2034. By then, he’ll be an old man."

So where are all the sanctions? Where are all the condemnations? Where are the endless tirades demanding Erdoğan step down? The difference is that Turkey is a close US ally and a supporter of  both US capitalism and imperialism. No matter how much of a dictator he becomes, both US politicians and the mainstream press are keeping their hands off of Erdoğan.
This anti-Maduro campaign is not restricted to the US. British politicians and their news media have also jumped into campaign. Conservative news outlets have trashed Jeremy Corbyn, the democratic socialist Labour Party leader. For example, the tabloid newspaper The Sun ran an article claiming:

"JEREMY Corbyn hailed Venezuela as a model of socialism — until it brought carnage, ruin and squalor to a once wealthy country.
Comrade Corbyn has also long championed the despots who plunged this supposed Marxist paradise into bloody chaos."
 Not surprising, many conservative Latin American countries have joined in with the US condemning Maduro and his election. Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico and Paraguay - have joined in the chorus of their imperialist master—the US. Many have had their own problems with either left-wing political movements or actual insurgents.
At least four brave national Latin American leaders have come out in favor of Maduro and that is Bolivia, Cuba, Ecuador and Nicaragua. Russia and China have also come out to support of Venezuela. According to Telesur TV Bolivian President Evo Morales congratulated Venezuela for its successful National Constituent Assembly:

“I would recommend Mexico and Colombia make their own Constituent Assembly ... to change their capitalist system, their imperialist system,"

And the reality of this support is that it is not strong enough to counter what the US and its allies are trying to do to that nation, both in their propaganda drive and actual destructive campaigns that include sanctions, CIA support to the opposition, including encouraging the demonstrations that have gained Venezuela so much negative attention.
Telesur TV also posted an article exposing US cables published by WikiLeaks:

"WikiLeaks has published a declassified 1978 U.S. diplomatic cable revealing U.S. interest in Venezuelan oil.

WikiLeaks has published an excerpt of a 1988 declassified cable between the U.S. State Department and the U.S. Embassy in Caracas highlighting the United States' longstanding interests in Venezuela...
The cable, titled "U.S. Goals, Objectives and Resource Management for Venezuela," outlines that the main goal of U.S.-Venezuela relations is to ensure that "Venezuela continues to supply a significant portion of our petroleum imports and continue to follow a moderate and responsible oil price position in OPEC."
The release of the declassified document comes a day after U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson warned of "regime change" in Venezuela.
“We are evaluating all of our policy options as to what can we do to create a change of conditions where either Maduro decides he doesn’t have a future and wants to leave of his own accord or we can return the government processes back to their constitution,” Tillerson told a press conference.
Tillerson is the former CEO of oil giant ExxonMobile, raising suspicion his position on Venezuela has been influenced by oil interests.
President Maduro has attacked the recent sanctions are an "imperialist attack" against Venezuela.
Cuba likewise described U.S. actions as "an international plot to suppress the will of the Venezuelan people."

As this article shows, Rex Tillerson, US Secretary of State, is also a former oil executive. There is a close relationship between the US government and its corporate interests. As with Tillerson these relationships, corporate and political, overlap. And corporate interests are largely what drives US interests in the "Venezuelan democracy." Beyond human rights and fair elections there is always the interest of the free market and capitalism. Every US foreign policy decision is driven by corporate interests—that is our access to resources and markets. Those interests come first. That explains why human rights and democracy are important to the US for Maduro but of almost no  importance to Erdoğan's regime.
Maduro is part of the Bolivarian Revolution, a movement of democratic socialist parties that are trying to provide empowerment to their poorest citizens and control over their natural resources from corporations that are part of US and Western Imperialism. According to members of the Friends of Venezuela Solidarity Committee (Barbados) and the Caribbean Movement for Peace and Integration:

“We recognized and support the election of the Venezuela’s National Constituent Assembly(ANC). We also support this Assembly that embraces a wide cross section of Venezuelan People,” activists said in a joint statement. 
They also denounced Venezuela’s right-wing opposition, which is calling for the removal of democratically-elected President Nicolas Maduro, and called on Barbados and other Caribbean countries to support the ANC.
“The peace loving people of Barbados and the Caribbean will protect the Bolivarian Revolution that defends the poor and powerless people of the Americas,” the statement said. 
“This Revolution has created the condition for many Caribbean Countries to deal with our problems of energy, health, education, housing and many other social problems that have affected the poor and powerless in our region.”
Despite the fact that over 8 million people voted in the ANC election held last Sunday in support for a peaceful resolution to the crisis in Venezuela, the U.S. government called the election a “sham” and imposed new sanctions."

If there is one thing the US has no interest in, it is the rights of the poor and powerless. The US and its Western partners are government of the rich, for the rich, by the rich and financed by the lower classes. There is no empathy for any "poor people's government."
So that brings us to the conclusion of this story—where do we go from here? Our news media is saturated with advice on what to do about Venezuela.[1] With the exception of a few alternative, liberal, democratic socialist and Marxist web sites, such as this one, [2] all the talking heads are looking at ways to either convince Maduro he must step down or just simply get rid of him—by whatever means that seems to work. In the case of the US, one of their favorite methods of regime change is the military coup. That may be hard for this country as Maduro and former Venezuela President Hugo Chávez  have strong ties to the military. But it can't be ruled out. The US has a long history of taking out left-leaning leaders, such as Salvador Allende, of Chile, with military coups. These coups are often violent and can lead to undemocratic, anti-human rights military dictators such as that of General Augusto Pinochet, of Chile. The US government has never had a problem with killing democracy to save the free market, US capitalism and imperialism.
So what do we do? Some of that is obvious. We print articles in any publication we can, which should include writing letters to our local newspapers.[3] Many of us write for blogs, with small audiences, and we need to provide honest information for those honest and thoughtful people who will take the time to look for another opinion when they realize they are being robbed of such information. We can take advantages of public forums, election campaigns and other events where there are a lot of people present and our voices can be heard.
—Demonstrations- campaigns- all need to be utilized! —
This is not the only important anti-imperialist campaign that is needed now. There is the important struggle of the Communist Party of India (Maoist). They are perhaps the most important movement in the world today. They hold out real promise of a real Maoist socialist revolution. But if such revolutions are to be successful, we in the imperialist "belly of the beast" must find ways to stop the imperialist attacks on countries who try to change their system. The Bolivarian revolutions may not be our ideal system, true socialism or direction, but if we can't defend Maduro—how can we defend CPI(Maoist) if they triumph in India? There are limits to what we can do to stop imperialist campaigns, such as that of Venezuela. But this is the perfect time to start practicing with campaigns to stop US imperialism. If the Bolivarians can't survive, how will we support real revolutions when they come to such countries as Ecuador? We must support the rights of smaller nations to determine their own destiny without the meddling of US Imperialism.    

[1] See for example: José Miguel Vivanco and Tamara Taraciuk Broner,  "What the world needs to do about Venezuela," CNN,
[2] This is an example of such a web site, a Maoist blog.
[3] Don't laugh. Many local newspapers will print our letters and we get a least a quick sound bite to counter all the propaganda that the main stream press is flooding the news with. See as an example: "Killing from afar- Letter to the Wichita Eagle Editor," Artsy Fartsy,

Friday, August 04, 2017

Tuesday, August 01, 2017

A report on the events in Hamburg, 28 July

We publish here a report from a symposium in Barmbek on the events of 28 July 2017.
On Friday, a man was killed in the Edeka Fuhle. Simply so, on the bright day. A person whose application for asylum was rejected, which, like the picture that is said to be "psychologically unstable," goes to the supermarket, takes a knife out of the shelf and punishes the next one. This is the first time all the information is available. A foreigner, an Arab, changes someone in Hamburg.
But what the newspapers, which make Mopo in the front again from now, is totally attached to the hair. Even if it is true that the allegedly has called Allahu Akbar, what is to prove this? A person who comes from Saudi Arabia or the Emirates, what the newspapers are now writing, or Palestinians, how likely is this man Muslim and is he using this central slogan? This is exactly the same as the Gelaber that "IS symbols" have been found in the case of arrested "terrorists". What is this supposed to be? The confession of faith? The seal of Mohammed, which the IS uses as a flag? The thing is printed on every Koran.
Then you have to also look at how the IS does otherwise. Or better, where. Or differently, one must first know, where in Hamburg that happened. Barmbek, this is a work station. That was when the KPD still gave a high-rise of the Communists in the city. Barmbek, and Altona, those were the red quarters. This is obviously no longer so. And this is no longer a total workplace, since the city works with the complete expansion of the Fuhle strongly that no worker can afford to live here. But there are still many colleagues, many friends who came here from abroad (or their parents). The streets are full of stickers from the Antifa Kids, Some neighbors also have Antifa flags or Refugees Welcome flags or posters or anything else hanging on the balcony or in the window. The fucking Faschos, who have opened their muck in the door, have no quiet day, and even if they try to stick their shit here, it does not last long. You go to the baker here in the morning, and he has posters against the Fascholade in the shop window. This is not a chic quarter, like the one where the IS has been shooting people in Paris or Brussels.
Now and then someone runs around, punishes people, shouts (allegedly) Allahu Akbar and is supposed to be Islamist (whatever that is). Five minutes after he was still shopping. This does not fit front and rear. This makes much more sense that the guy was in the end. Flache here before what I do not know what to Europe, has nothing, still has any mental problems, and is then to be deported. He is so at the end that the seriously himself goes to the office and asks when he gets the papers with which he is then deported. On the same day, he goes to Edeka later. And with such a situation is also not alone. In Hamburg alone, there were over a dozen suicide attempts by asylum seekers in summer 2016. You never hear anything like that. But that is what people do otherwise that end up. The guy has now done differently. He wants to fight somehow at the moment he is at the end. Running into the Edeka, a knife pulls himself and attacks any of the people who, in his opinion, are guilty of the shit he's stuck in. Of course he does not meet the right one. In addition, the now safe is also not first deported.
But this is not an IS fighter. He tries to run away. And that must also be, which is something else, to do in a neighborhood like Barmbek. The workers themselves take something in their hands. The picture has a good video of how the pre-button. Such a shit does not run here. Of course, the Merkel is now buffeted by such a crap as "civil courage", which always preach. Such a nonsense, too. This is actually the most normal in the world, that workers stand together and fight. This is something different than any small citizen who does not get the food, if they have something to lose themselves, or could get a pure income. But this is also seen in the video, the guy does not fight at all. He does not go on to the end That is not a convinced IS-fighter. He did not go there with the plan of killing unbelievers and going on his own conviction. People are simply driven by capitalism to do something like that. They have nothing more, they have no more hope, and they see how people live here from their view in luxury. Then you take the last chance to have some of what you have here ...
Complement to the editorial team: the video, written in the text, can be found here . 
A report on asylum seekers in Hamburg, who have tried to kill themselves, is available in the world, for example .